What We Do

We understand what owners need and want in a project - from preconstruction through completion.

And we consistently deliver what matters most for our customers: certainty, when it comes to quality, schedule, safety, budget and more. For the past 30 plus years, Utschig, Inc. has grown from a residential based land company into a multi-functional design/build, construction manager specializing in the design and construction of commercial buildings. Whether you need a commercial renovation, ground-up construction, strip mall build out or steel building, you have come to the right place. We only build with architect approved blueprints and strict code compliance.


Utschig, Inc. assembles quality hard numbers that our clients can rely on. Budgetary and detailed cost estimates are developed in accordance with client’s protocols. We ask the important questions before construction begins so our prices are accurate and change orders are virtually non-existent.


Quality is evident in the end product. A well-planned building layout, cost-effective pricing and skilled workmanship result in buildings of which our clients are proud.

Through return business and continued friendship, our clients have shown their trust, satisfaction and confidence in Utschig, Inc. You too can make the important decision by choosing Utschig, Inc. as your construction solution.

Benefits of Design-Build

  • Singular Responsibility

    One entity is focused on achieving quality, managing cost, and maintaining the schedule. The construction process is simplified, freeing the owner to focus on decision making rather than administrative coordination.

  • Early knowledge of costs

    Utschig estimates costs throughout the construction process offering the owner staged contracting and decision points throughout the entire process.

  • Improved Risk Management

    Responsibilities are clearly defined and communicated from the beginning of the process, minimizing or eliminating time lost to change orders.

  • Quality

    Utschig understands the needs of the owner because of early involvement and is motivated to achieve those goals starting with design and ending with completion.

  • Cost Savings

    Coordination from day one ensures the best choices of materials and methods and reduces costly mistakes frequently caused by miscommunication.

  • Time Savings

    Design and construction efforts can occur simultaneously which speeds up the entire process.

The Owner is a member of the design-build team which builds a productive relationship from the beginning. Throughout the building process the owner is actually talking with the people who are going to be constructing the building. Design/build means reduced risk and collaboration from an earlier point with the builder. When Utschig takes the reins as the financial responsibility of the project, they bear the burden of that risk. Our efforts are focused on what we can do rather than looking for a loophole and seeking change orders.